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COVID-19 Protection Products

We take safety seriously. Let us help you slow the spread of COVID-19 with Protective Screens, Mobile Dividers, Panel Partitions and More! Custom solutions are just a click away!


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Our featured product of the month: Acoustic Panels! Available as ceiling hung, wall mounted, or as freestanding dividers. Add a flair of design while enhancing the acoustics of any space!


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Here at Monarch Basics we have over 65 years of experience servicing the various industries across our community. You can be confident working alongside our team of experts no matter what your needs may be!

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Custom Workplace Solutions

Here at Monarch Basics we are passionate about creating work environments that streamline your business process. We specialize in designing custom workspaces that maximizes your team’s performance, engages your clientele as well as attracts and retains the best talent in your industry. Our furniture & design specialists are here to help develop a work environment that works perfectly for you.

Meet the Furniture Team

Shawn from Monarch Basics

Shawn Hopkins

Furniture & Design Specialist

Shawn is our resident visionary. He has the keen ability to make your project happen precisely the way you want it to. And within your budget. With over 15 years in the office furniture industry his attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. And he does it all with enthusiasm!
Father of four daughters. Forest dweller. Lego enthusiast

Maranda from Monarch Basics

Maranda Klapowich

Furniture & Design Specialist

Whether your office space is ample or small, Maranda can make magic happen while utilizing every inch of space. She values her customers’ input to ensure the best outcome for each project. Maranda has been with Monarch Basics for over 12 years. With her many years of experience and artistic eye for detail she is an integral member of our furniture team.
What makes Maranda smile? Family trips to the cottage. And we get that.
Coffee Craver. Big-Dog Lover. Painter. Paddleboarder.

Amanda from Monarch Basics

Amanda Cousins

Furniture & Design Specialist

Amanda is a true key player on our furniture team. Her extensive background in interior design combined with her project management skills makes her one to get the job done. Amanda builds lasting relationships with each customer based on trust and professionalism.
Proud mom. Go leafs! Animal lover.

Dylan from Monarch Basics

Dylan Palcit

Furniture Specialist

Dylan’s strength lies in building relationships with clients. With a passion for office furniture combined with experience in both the retail and shipping ends of the business, Dylan will ensure the company runs seamlessly.
UWO Grad. House Music. Skier.

Matthew from Monarch Basics

Matthew Burrows

Furniture Specialist

Matthew is the first person someone sees when they enter our furniture showroom. Matthew’s passion lies in teaching our customers about the products they are buying and the benefits that come with them, products that will fit in with our customers’ lifestyle, aesthetic and ergonomic needs. Matthew enjoys building friendships with his customers, and with his easy-going nature he makes every customer feel welcome.
Problem Solver, A Cappella Music Fan, All-around Sports Guy

Ashley from Monarch Basics

Ashley Hamashuk


With over 5 years at Monarch Basics, Ashley’s job is where it all begins. Collaborating with the furniture sales team, her concentration is on space planning and specifying a project until completion.
Country music. Coffee girl. Dog lover.

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