Here Are Tips To Help Set Up Your Home Office

Business woman looking outside window

In the past year, we’ve seen a ton of Windsor shoppers in-store designing and buying furniture for their new home office. It’s exciting for our staff to help design a beautiful workspace that inspires productivity and creativity. That’s why we put together this guide with tips to help set up your home office.


The University of Exeter did a survey on workplace design and found that flourishing your space with elements you love not only improves your happiness while at work, but has a positive effect on your health and increases productivity by 32%. Some people hire a professional designer to style their office, if you go this route, don’t be shy about asking for a particular style. If you love Modern Country, and the designer is bringing in elements of Art Deco, speak up. Looking online for inspiration and sharing those photos with your designer is the best way to convey your style and preferences.


Feng Shui design principles are focused on the spatial arrangement of a room, optimizing layout, and increasing your personal energy. It’s been utilized for over 6000 years for a reason… it works! And so, a couple of decades ago Feng Shuis’ popularity exploded here in Canada. The trendiness has faded, but its principles have stuck around in interior design, because of the flow and function it brings to a space. Some principles to include:

  • Place your desk in a commanding position, which means as far away from the door as possible, with your front-facing outwards (so you can see your office door).

  • Have a strong, solid background behind you, not a window (this tip isn’t just good feng shui, but makes sense if you take part in virtual meetings too).

  • Incorporate as many of the five elements as possible (wood, fire, water, earth, metal).

  • Use soft or pale colours on your walls such as pale greens, blues and oranges. Soft yellows or sandstone also work well.


We know that poor lighting causes drowsiness and eye fatigue. This greatly hinders productivity and worsens your daily mood. Consider installing two different sources/hues of light. Warm colour temperatures are good in the morning because they’re calming and help to start your day on the right foot. We’re also more naturally productive in the morning so we don’t need help there, but in the afternoon, when our productivity fades, it’s recommended you switch to a blue or cooler hue, which has been shown to increase productivity. A multi-arm floor lamp such as this one from Black & Decker will allow you to have a warm bulb and a cool bulb available whenever you like.

Natural light should be brought into your office as much as possible too. Carnegie Mellon University studied how natural daylight improved test scores with students and found that math tests improved by 15% and reading rates increased by 23%; just by filling the room with natural light.


When I started writing this article I was sitting, but now I’m on my feet because my desk (very easily) moves up and down. Not only do my lower back and butt feel better at the end of the day, but studies have shown that standing increases productivity. Standing invigorates and re-energizes you, just be sure to wear a good pair of shoes to help your feet absorb the pressure and adapt to your standing more.

Aside from increased productivity, standing while working in your home office has been shown to significantly decrease cardiovascular issues and obesity, as well as improve our daily mood.